Who Created Windows Web Hosting?

Windows hosting has been devised and created by the Microsoft team. There is no confirmation whether Chief Software Architect Bill Gates was directly involved in the creation of the Windows Server Center programs or the software extensions which allow extra processes to be performed.

Although Microsoft has been around since 1975, the releases of server units didn’t occur until the mid-nineties when the dot-com bubble began to dominate business and computing practices.

Since the initial inception and release of Windows Servers and Tools products there has been steady updates, redeveloping and new models released with each providing greater accessibility, flexibility and processing ability.

Arguably the greatest advancements made in Windows web hosting is the provision of software that extends their initial running platform to include alternative Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Office, giving the client a greater volume of tools to control. Unlike standard web hosting programs which offer basic editing tools and a lack of compatibility with .xml and .doc documents, the creators of Windows Server Center have made this possible to assist those comfortable with Microsoft programs.


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