What is Managed Hosting?

There are many different types of website hosting, which makes searching for a hosting site difficult at times. Those who are very new to hosting websites may get very confused by all of the different terms, so it is very important that the terms are cleared up. So, what is managed hosting?

This is not like shared hosting where lots of people are placed on one server. With this type of website hosting, people are placed on their own server, known as a dedicated server. The company that you opt for the hosting through is able to manage and maintain the website so that you do not have to.

It helps those who are very new to hosting. However, this can cost a lot of money and it can mean working with the company that you are hosting through to be able to make any of the changes that you need. This can take some time to see the changes being implemented just the way that you wanted.

Managed Hosting

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