Who created cPanel Web Hosting?

cPanel hosting was devised by J. Nick Koston as a control panel for the Speed Hosting company, which provided web domains for paying clients.

From 1996 to 1999, cPanel evolved from version 1 to version 3. During this period, the original hosting company, Speed Hosting, merged with Web King and had new servers at Virtual Development Inc. (VDI), which is now defunct. At VDI, cPanel was exclusive software to customers and allowed them access to a domain management programme that had little competition on the market. Since then, the merged hosting provider split and J. Nick Koston took cPanel with him. However, it is still available today as a stand alone product in its most up-to-date format.

The original cPanel software was criticized for being full of bugs and having a complicated and unhelpful user interface. However, since the turn of the noughties, Carlos Rego from Wizards Hosting has helped to develop a more user-friendly and intuitive visual interface for the user.


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