A Look into VPS Web Hosting

Virtual private servers are a flexible website hosting solution that falls in between dedicated and shared hosting.  VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting and less expensive than dedicated hosting.  Like a dedicated server, a VPS hosted site gets its own disk space and RAM. However, like a shared server, the same CPU is used for a certain number of web sites.  Therefore, your site will only perform as well as the shared processor that it is on.  In addition, the distribution of the CPU varies between providers.

A consideration that you have to look into is that, unlike shared hosting plans, VPS hosting providers will usually provide you with a certain amount of burstable RAM.  Shared hosting providers don’t usually offer this.  Burstable RAM involves a pool of RAM, or memory, which is set aside for extraordinary events.  You will need this if you have the fear of sudden high traffic event, otherwise known as the “Digg-effect.” This temporary high traffic can be accommodated for a short time with this burstable RAM.

Virtual Private Servers

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