Free CSS Template History

Style sheets have been around since the 1970s. They have gotten much better since the 70s, can do more for a website, and are easier to use. Basically, the free CSS template was created as an advanced style sheet. It was made to add consistency to web building. This means the layout can be used for all webpages making them look and feel similar.

As the Internet became more popular due to the fact that more people were using it and learning how to use it, a bigger need for advanced web building was born. Web developers, the people who make websites, wanted and needed something to make designing a website easier and faster. CSS was created to meet these needs.

When CSS came out, web developers had a way to add more of a variety of style to their websites. They also had more control over what the style outcome would be. They were able to control how the website would be displayed on the Internet.


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