The History of Free Drupal Themes

When Drupal was created, it was an experiment by a college kid in his dorm by the name of Dries Buytaert. He created this experiment so he could play around with different technologies concerning the internet. What started out as an experiment built for one person has turned into something that is used by hundreds of thousands of people today.

In September of 2006, the Drupal Association was announced to the world. The association was created to keep Drupal honest and running the way it did when it first started and began to grow. A mailing list of members was created. Those members were asked for feedback and about any ideas they had.

Members continued to work on the statues and the people on the mailing list were asked to review them as well and provide more feedback. In December of 2006 in Belgium, the statues of drupal were accepted and approved by the Belgian Commercial Court. After this the Drupal Association became official. This led to many people using free drupal themes today.


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