HostGator Promotional Code Provides Savings

HostGator is a web domain management company that has provided more than ten years of service to customers. Since 2002, the organization has played a part in managing more than eight million different web domains. They provide a number of different services to their customers and the HostGator coupon code will continue to provide savings to the customers who take advantage.

Host Gator attracts customers through offering a number of services that consumers may not be able to find through other companies. One of the most alluring facts about this company is that they go out of their way to provide important services, and manage do so at a very low cost rate. Since financial matters are an important point in both business and personal practices, the fact that Host Gator makes sure to give clients their best, while not charging the most, makes them an attractive alternative to their competitors.

To begin, a meager $3.96 a month will give you access to the baseline Host Gator services, which include web domain registration and email accounts. From there you can continue to add additional services to your account, which increases the monthly fee accordingly. None of these increases are very expensive, and they open you up to services that are needed to manage your account. Beyond that, Host Gator offers more products that while may not be deemed absolutely necessary, can allow you to take advantage of services that will serve to build your influence online and potentially earn you additional income.

Host Gator gives you the opportunity to use their platform to earn revenue in an innovative way. For $19.96 a month, you can create your own web domain reselling organization that brings new customers to Host Gator while earning you a portion of the profits. Where other companies expect you to simply continue spending money within their network; Host Gator provides you with the chance to make money, depending on how much you want to develop your domain reselling company.

If you are considering Host Gator to manage your developing website, you have likely discovered the many ways in which they can help you accomplish your goals with minimal effort and zero hassle on your part.  If you are bringing your work over from another server, Host Gator will facilitate the transfer, saving you valuable time and resources. Contacting a representative will start the process of moving all your files, databases and content associated with your company from the outside source to the Host Gator servers. What makes this much more appealing is that no matter the amount of content that you have to shift, the entire process is free of charge. Instead of having to take care of the task yourself; the Host Gator team will take care of everything for you, quickly and accurately.

Website management is an important part of business, as much commerce is done through transactions on the internet. Host Gator is the premiere organization for users looking to establish or further develop their online presence to take advantage of the opportunities available to them online.

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How to Save Money With the 2013 HostGator Discount

A Host Gator discount can help you to utilize the best web hosting company available without breaking the bank. There is going to be a need for web hosting if you are going to be making a website for your personal business. This hosting space can easily be provided for you by HostGator since this is what they specialize in.

Everyone will find that the best choice of coupon is going to allow them to use all of the services they require, while still saving them money. There are a lot of reasons that this can be helpful to them, but four main reasons are stated here as to why you should choose HostGator above their competitors.

The first is that you can get any type of hosting service that you might need with HostGator. Some of the services that are offered include VPS, reseller capabilities for hosting, and even dedicated server hosting. The services are offered at a rate that is far below that of their competition, which means that it is the most affordable option for you. Best of all if your business grows and you need to upgrade to a different type of hosting or one that is higher end, then you should choose HostGator because they offer both of them to you. One of the hardest things to deal with when you are considering hosting is the possibility of having to change companies. So if you think that you could grow then you need to choose a company that can not only meet your needs now but will be able to meet your needs in the future.

The second reason that you should use a hostgator discount is that you are never going to be without support. Their support staff will be available to you by both telephone and live chat. They are available three hundred and sixty five days per year and twenty-four hours per day. They are not going to be taking time off when you might need them. Most people find this reason to be the most popular as to why they eventually choose HostGator and their hosting services.

Another of the reasons is that this company has already proven themselves to be great at hosting websites. They actually have clientele worldwide. So you do not have to worry about where you are living and whether or not you can access the services if you happen to travel out of the country. It is all available to you regardless of where you live. There are over four million domains currently hosted with the company. This means that there is a proven higher level of experience available to you.

Finally, when you choose to use the hostgator discount you will find that you are getting your needs met for a minimal price, but not at the cost of subpar products or service. This means that you will be able to save money, retain quality, and not have to worry about how you are going to budget for and afford these services.

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Ecommerce Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Something that you will need to think about for your ecommerce web hosting is whether you want a dedicated server. There are a number of benefits to these but you need to decide whether you can justify spending the extra money.

A dedicated server will mean that you have a full server capacity to yourself and they are generally more reliable but that is reflected in the price that you will be paying. Something that you need to question yourself about is whether your business makes enough money to be able to afford the dedicated server.

If you are worried about being blocked by countries due to the content on other websites that are on your IP address, you can get a dedicated IP address for a lot less than you can a dedicated server so that is something that is well worth considering. The main thing that you need is to be able to run your business without any hassle and be able to make a profit.


What is Managed Hosting?

There are many different types of website hosting, which makes searching for a hosting site difficult at times. Those who are very new to hosting websites may get very confused by all of the different terms, so it is very important that the terms are cleared up. So, what is managed hosting?

This is not like shared hosting where lots of people are placed on one server. With this type of website hosting, people are placed on their own server, known as a dedicated server. The company that you opt for the hosting through is able to manage and maintain the website so that you do not have to.

It helps those who are very new to hosting. However, this can cost a lot of money and it can mean working with the company that you are hosting through to be able to make any of the changes that you need. This can take some time to see the changes being implemented just the way that you wanted.

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Who Created Windows Web Hosting?

Windows hosting has been devised and created by the Microsoft team. There is no confirmation whether Chief Software Architect Bill Gates was directly involved in the creation of the Windows Server Center programs or the software extensions which allow extra processes to be performed.

Although Microsoft has been around since 1975, the releases of server units didn’t occur until the mid-nineties when the dot-com bubble began to dominate business and computing practices.

Since the initial inception and release of Windows Servers and Tools products there has been steady updates, redeveloping and new models released with each providing greater accessibility, flexibility and processing ability.

Arguably the greatest advancements made in Windows web hosting is the provision of software that extends their initial running platform to include alternative Microsoft programs, such as Microsoft Office, giving the client a greater volume of tools to control. Unlike standard web hosting programs which offer basic editing tools and a lack of compatibility with .xml and .doc documents, the creators of Windows Server Center have made this possible to assist those comfortable with Microsoft programs.


What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud computing is an alternative method to server hosting. In concept, cloud computing provides a much faster performance for web page loading when compared to standard sole server web hosting. The method of cloud web hosting changes the nature of computing from product-based to a utility on demand service.

A commonly used example of cloud web hosting is web-based email. By using a provider like MSN or Hotmail, you take the email away from a personal server storage unit and instead have them held across multiple servers worldwide. The hosting is now in control of the provider, in this case MSN or Hotmail, and you download your information from locally based servers that are in their control. This makes it faster for you to see your emails.

The reason this is called cloud computing is because the provider has their servers linked together worldwide so that information downloads for consumers in Tokyo are the same speed as in Madrid and the information available is not segregated.

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Who created cPanel Web Hosting?

cPanel hosting was devised by J. Nick Koston as a control panel for the Speed Hosting company, which provided web domains for paying clients.

From 1996 to 1999, cPanel evolved from version 1 to version 3. During this period, the original hosting company, Speed Hosting, merged with Web King and had new servers at Virtual Development Inc. (VDI), which is now defunct. At VDI, cPanel was exclusive software to customers and allowed them access to a domain management programme that had little competition on the market. Since then, the merged hosting provider split and J. Nick Koston took cPanel with him. However, it is still available today as a stand alone product in its most up-to-date format.

The original cPanel software was criticized for being full of bugs and having a complicated and unhelpful user interface. However, since the turn of the noughties, Carlos Rego from Wizards Hosting has helped to develop a more user-friendly and intuitive visual interface for the user.


A Look into VPS Web Hosting

Virtual private servers are a flexible website hosting solution that falls in between dedicated and shared hosting.  VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting and less expensive than dedicated hosting.  Like a dedicated server, a VPS hosted site gets its own disk space and RAM. However, like a shared server, the same CPU is used for a certain number of web sites.  Therefore, your site will only perform as well as the shared processor that it is on.  In addition, the distribution of the CPU varies between providers.

A consideration that you have to look into is that, unlike shared hosting plans, VPS hosting providers will usually provide you with a certain amount of burstable RAM.  Shared hosting providers don’t usually offer this.  Burstable RAM involves a pool of RAM, or memory, which is set aside for extraordinary events.  You will need this if you have the fear of sudden high traffic event, otherwise known as the “Digg-effect.” This temporary high traffic can be accommodated for a short time with this burstable RAM.

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Free CSS Template History

Style sheets have been around since the 1970s. They have gotten much better since the 70s, can do more for a website, and are easier to use. Basically, the free CSS template was created as an advanced style sheet. It was made to add consistency to web building. This means the layout can be used for all webpages making them look and feel similar.

As the Internet became more popular due to the fact that more people were using it and learning how to use it, a bigger need for advanced web building was born. Web developers, the people who make websites, wanted and needed something to make designing a website easier and faster. CSS was created to meet these needs.

When CSS came out, web developers had a way to add more of a variety of style to their websites. They also had more control over what the style outcome would be. They were able to control how the website would be displayed on the Internet.


The History of Free Drupal Themes

When Drupal was created, it was an experiment by a college kid in his dorm by the name of Dries Buytaert. He created this experiment so he could play around with different technologies concerning the internet. What started out as an experiment built for one person has turned into something that is used by hundreds of thousands of people today.

In September of 2006, the Drupal Association was announced to the world. The association was created to keep Drupal honest and running the way it did when it first started and began to grow. A mailing list of members was created. Those members were asked for feedback and about any ideas they had.

Members continued to work on the statues and the people on the mailing list were asked to review them as well and provide more feedback. In December of 2006 in Belgium, the statues of drupal were accepted and approved by the Belgian Commercial Court. After this the Drupal Association became official. This led to many people using free drupal themes today.